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Fall/Autumn Math and Literacy Activities

Fall/Autumn Math and Literacy Activities

Hooray for fall fun! This Fall/Autumn Math and Literacy Activities pack contains printable activities that practice the following skills:

– Counting
– One-to-one correspondence
– Number recognition
– Number quantity
– Number order
– Measurement (non-standard)
– Upper and lowercase letter recognition
– Beginning sounds
– Visual discrimination
– Following directions


Fall/Autumn Math and Literacy Activities

We used Unifix Cubes, but any small manipulative will do. Students will work to see how many cubes long the items are. Be sure to discuss which are shorter and which were longer, and which items were the same length. Such a wonderful form of non-standard measurement!


Fall/Autumn Math and Literacy Activities

Print these cards out on cardstock and laminate for heavy use. Provide a small manipulative for children to use as bingo markers. Five in a row (horizontally, vertically or diagonally) equals BINGO!


Fall/Autumn Math and Literacy Activities

With these eye-catching worksheets, young learners will color a scarecrow by numbers, sequence numbered pumpkins, work to recognize numbers 1-10, work to recognize upper and lowercase letters, and determine the beginning sounds of some fun fall items.

downloadGet this Fall/Autumn Math and Literacy Activities pack.


Scarecrow Circle Time Activity

scarecrow circle time activity

Every fall I like to do a theme on scarecrows. There are so many great books, songs, poems and art projects that can be utilized. My students especially enjoy making paper plate scarecrows and shape crows. They glue them onto jumbo craft sticks, and they’ve got the perfect hand props for our Sammy the Scarecrow circle time activity!

The children hold their props while I recite the action poem and demonstrate the appropriate motions. After reciting the poem a few times the children enthusiastically join in. If the children wish, they can take turns being scarecrows and crows.


Sammy the Scarecrow is my name
On the farm I’ve gained some fame

Standing high on a stick (raise scarecrows)
Scaring crows is my trick

When they fly and caw (move crows about)
I wave my arms of straw

Then I loudly shout
Hey you crows, GET OUT (children who are crows leave the circle)

I often repeat this activity throughout the fall months. It’s always a hit and it helps to strengthen listening, memory, and recall skills. It also develops phonemic awareness.


– Small paper plates
– Felt
– Construction Paper
– Buttons
– A variety of decorative items
– Crayons or markers
– Googly eyes
– Straw or raffia
– Feathers
– Jumbo craft sticks
– Scissors
– Glue
Our free scarecrow hat pattern
Our free shape crow pattern
Sammy the Scarecrow poem


Pumpkin Seed Counting Activity

pumpkin seed counting activity

I strive to make learning appealing to my students, and I have found that they are really drawn to these pumpkin seed counting sheets. Give each child a small container of pumpkin seeds and direct your preschoolers to count out the number of seeds that match the dots on each pumpkin, then have them place the correct number of seeds on the pumpkin. This hands on activity will help children to understand, and learn a very significant math skill; one-to-one correspondence.

Materials Used:

– Construction paper
– Scissors
– Glue
– Pumpkin seeds
– Marker (for dots)
Our free pumpkin templates


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