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Popcorn Fall Tree Craft

fall popcorn trees

Everybody loves the beauty of fall leaves. Happily, there are many wonderful books written on this subject for preschoolers. One of my favorites is Mouse’s First Fall by Lauren Thompson. The story tells of Mouse and his sister Minka’s journey outside on a cool fall day. They discover leaves of all colors and all shapes and sizes. Mouse learns about all the different experiences the fall season can bring.

fall popcorn trees

After listening to the book, my class is always excited to make their own fall trees. Each child is provided with a tree trunk that has been glued onto a piece of paper and a variety of colored popcorn. The popcorn is colored beforehand with powder tempera paint. The easiest method is to put the paint in a baggie, add the popcorn, and then shake it up until it’s coated. I only had orange, red, and yellow, but purple, green, and brown also make beautiful trees. I then prompt the children to glue their “leaves” onto the tree. This activity encourages creative expression, provides color recognition practice, and strengthens fine motor skills.

fall popcorn trees


– Construction paper
– Popcorn
Ziploc Storage Bags Gallon, 75 Count
– Powder tempera paint ( I only had orange, red and yellow, but purple, green, and brown also make beautiful trees).
– Glue
– Scissors
– Our free tree template


Free Apple Tracing Sheets

free apple tracing packet

These worms are hungry and need help getting to their apples. These free apple tracing sheets make fine motor practice fun!

This packet includes 5 skills sheets:

– Straight lines (1)
– Big hills (1)
– Small hills (1)
– Zigzag lines (1)
– Combination of lines – all 4 above (1)

Encourage children to take their time while tracing and to keep their crayon or pencil on the “ants”. Pre-k children should be working on their pencil grips (tripod grasps) during this activity.

download Download the Free Apple Tracing Packet. Happy tracing!


Monthly Traceable Calendars

monthly traceable calendars

The new school year is upon us, and I am super excited to present our Monthly Traceable Calendars. At the beginning of each month, I have my pre-k students make a calendar. This is one of our favorite things to do. They get excited to take it home and display it on their refrigerators, and I get excited about all of the learning opportunities they hold. Doing a monthly calendar teaches the following skills:

– Fine motor (proper tripod grasp and tracing)
– Counting
– One-to-one correspondence
– Writing numbers
– Number recognition
– Writing left to right
– Writing top to bottom
– Ordinal concepts
– Critical thinking

At the beginning of each month, talk about the weeks ahead and any important events that will be occurring. Have your young learners trace the numbers. I recommend working with them individually or in small groups. At the start of the year, some children may struggle to complete their calendars due to the level of difficulty and/or a short attention span. And that’s okay. Growth will be obvious as the year progresses.

While working with children, stress the importance of a proper pencil grip and writing left to right and top to bottom. There is a black dot on each letter and number on the calendars. Encourage your preKers to get into the habit of placing their crayon or pencil on that starting point. This will help teach them proper formation.

Also included in this pack are 12 traceable calendars with some missing numbers. These are for students that are developmentally ready to recognize and write numerals. These should be introduced accordingly.

Once the calendar is complete, kids may glue them onto a large piece of construction paper decorate the topper. They may then place stickers on any significant dates (e.g., birthday, holiday. etc.).

downloadGet this 2017-2018 Monthly Traceable Calendar Pack.