Mother’s Day Gift Craft Cans

Many of the children in my classroom have mothers who are very crafty. They love to scrapbook and paint. So this year I decided to to have the children make decorative craft cans for Mother’s Day. In preparation, I covered the cans with foam in a variety of colors (I discovered the best way to be sure the foam adhered properly was to use a glue gun). When it was time to complete the project, I provided each child with a can, some tacky glue and a variety of materials to decorate with. I encouraged each child to pick what they thought their mother would like best. I then sat back and watched some beautiful cans emerge. The children are all very excited about presenting their gifts at our Mother’s Day Tea.


– Soup cans
– Craft foam sheets
– Scissors
– Glue gun
– Buttons
– Jewels
– Foam self adhesive stickers
– Stickers
– Tacky glue