Fall/Autumn Math and Literacy Activities

Fall/Autumn Math and Literacy Activities

Hooray for fall fun! This Fall/Autumn Math and Literacy Activities pack contains printable activities that practice the following skills:

– Counting
– One-to-one correspondence
– Number recognition
– Number quantity
– Number order
– Measurement (non-standard)
– Upper and lowercase letter recognition
– Beginning sounds
– Visual discrimination
– Following directions


Fall/Autumn Math and Literacy Activities

We used Unifix Cubes, but any small manipulative will do. Students will work to see how many cubes long the items are. Be sure to discuss which are shorter and which were longer, and which items were the same length. Such a wonderful form of non-standard measurement!


Fall/Autumn Math and Literacy Activities

Print these cards out on cardstock and laminate for heavy use. Provide a small manipulative for children to use as bingo markers. Five in a row (horizontally, vertically or diagonally) equals BINGO!


Fall/Autumn Math and Literacy Activities

With these eye-catching worksheets, young learners will color a scarecrow by numbers, sequence numbered pumpkins, work to recognize numbers 1-10, work to recognize upper and lowercase letters, and determine the beginning sounds of some fun fall items.

downloadGet this Fall/Autumn Math and Literacy Activities Pack.

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Measuring Bugs and Insects Activity

These measuring cards from our Bugs and Insects Math Activities pack make for a fantastic measurement (non-standard) learning tool.

We used Unifix Cubes, but any small manipulative will work. My Pre-K children worked to see how many cubes long the bugs were. We discussed which were shorter and which were longer, and which bugs were the same length. So, in addition to measuring, we were able to practice size skills and the concept of more/less/same. So much fun, and so amazing!

Print these out on cardstock. For heavy use, I recommend lamination.

downloadDownload this Bugs and Insects Activities pack.

Note: Be sure to also check out our fall measuring cards which are part of our Fall/Autumn Math and Literacy Activities pack. Happy measuring!


Favorite Farm Animal Graph

Spring has sprung, and we are deep into our On the Farm Unit. This week, we’ve been busy graphing our favorite farm animals. The children are learning that graphs are a way to organize information. We talked about how their favorite animals are the information, and the graph is the organizer. When our graph was completed, I worked with small groups to evaluate the data. We counted how many people liked each animal, and worked with the concept of more/less/same. Looks like it’s the horse for the win!

The clipart used, in this graph, can be found at Clipart Kid.


Graphing With Jellybeans

Not only is graphing with jellybeans a yummy way to spend some time, it’s also educational; there are so many learning concepts packed into this small activity. Obviously, the main is graphing. But graphing is just the umbrella that covers several mighty and oh-so important math principles. In this particular instance, the children must rely on their color knowlegde to sort and classify the jellybeans. After placing the candy on their graphs, they will use their counting skills (one-to-one correspondence) to count and match the number of beans, in a row, to its corresponding number below.

Hello, number recognition!

Graphing also incorporates the concept of more/less/same. Ask your preschooler/s questions like, “Do you have more red jellybeans or more purple jellybeans – or are they the same?” Children often struggle with the definition of the word ‘less’, so it’s best to emphasize that, “Less means not as many.”

Just a note to add: Many of my fellow teachers ask me about my policy with eating the candy. My own rule is that after the activity is completed, the child may choose ONE special jellybean to enjoy. The rest are bagged up and labeled (by my assistant) and placed in the parent box to take home.

Download the Jellybean Graphing printable here.