Printable Number Book

printable number book

Let’s have some number fun! This Number Book packet contains 21 printable pages that strengthen the following skills: counting/one-to-one correspondence, number recognition, set recognition, number quantity, number order, ordinal concepts, visual discrimination, number formation, fine motor, and following directions.


– Book Cover (1)
– Number worksheets (1-20)

Children will work to recognize and identify the number on each page. They will trace the numerals, placing their writing utensils on the start dot to practice proper letter formation (top to bottom). They will do the same for the number word.

Students will then color a set of items, circle the featured number within a group of other numbers, and use a dot marker or something similar to dot the appropriate amount of boxes.

To ensure that this resource is developmentally appropriate for a wide range of learners, the cover of this book does not state a certain number range. For example, some children’s books may only contain numbers 1-5 or 1-10, while others will contain the full 20 pages.

Children will write their names on the back of each page. Once their pages are complete, encourage them to color/decorate their covers and write their names at the bottom. The pages can then be assembled in proper order and stapled together. Depending on the child’s ability, he/she may want to place their own pages in number order.

If you are not wanting your students to produce a book, these worksheets can be used individually; e.g. number of the week.

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Bugs/Insects Math and Literacy Activities

bugs and insect math and literacy activities

We strive to make learning fun, and these adorable critters help us do just that. This Bugs and Insects Math and Literacy pack contains printable activities that practice the following skills:

– Patterning
– Counting
– One-to-one correspondence
– Set recognition
– Size skills
– Measurement
– Number recognition
– Number quantity
– Number order
– Number ordinal concepts
– Graphing
– Classification
– Writing numbers
– Concept of more/less/same
– Visual discrimination
– Beginning letter sounds
– Uppercase letter recognition
– Phonological and phonemic awareness
– Fine motor
– Following directions


bugs and insect math and literacy activities

These measuring cards make for a fantastic measurement (non-standard) learning tool. We use Unifix Cubes, but any small manipulative such as pom poms, vase gems or mini erasers will work. Children will work to see how many cubes long the bugs are. Discuss which are shorter and which are longer, and which bugs are the same length. So many learning concepts here! Print these out on cardstock and laminate for heavy use.

bugs and insect math and literacy activities


Print these cards out on cardstock (laminate for heavy use). Cut the cards in half and have learners match the quantity of bugs/insects to their corresponding numeral.


Children will say the name of each picture and find and cover its rhyming partner. Supply pom poms, plastic bugs, mini erasers or another small manipulative for children to use as markers. Print these cards out on cardstock (laminate for heavy use).


bugs and insects math and literacy activities

With these fun worksheets, pre-kers and kinders will identify and match letters, classify and pattern bugs, segment syllables, use their visual discrimination skills to determine which insects are missing, and so, so much more!

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Note: If you are enjoying the measuring cards from this set, be sure to also check out our Christmas measuring cards which are part of our Christmas Math and Literacy Activities pack. Merry measuring!

christmas math and literacy activities