Christmas Math and Literacy Activities

christmas math and literacy activities

Ho! Ho! Ho! The holidays will be here before you know it, so I am excited to present this Christmas Math and Literacy Activities pack. This fun-filled bundle contains printable activities that practice the following skills:

– Counting
– One-to-one correspondence
– Classification
– Number recognition
– Number quantity
– Set recognition
– Writing numbers
– Measurement
– Association
– Attribute variance
– Story sequencing
– Beginning sound recognition
– Visual discrimination
– Phonological and phonemic awareness
– Fine motor
– Following directions


christmas math and literacy activities

Print these sheets out on cardstock (laminate for heavy use). Supply a small manipulative such as mini erasers for students to use as markers. For individual use, have the child roll the die, count the dots (or recognize the “set” of dots), and find and cover the corresponding number on the sheet. Repeat until all of the numerals are covered. In small group, give each child a sheet and have them take turns rolling the die. The first person to cover all of their numbers wins. Trade cards and play again!


christmas math and literacy activities

Print these sheets out on cardstock (laminate for heavy use). Attach paperclip spinners with round head fasteners (brads). Provide gumdrops, mini erasers or some other small manipulative for students to use. Young learners will spin, identify a number and place that amount of items on their sheets. As children pick up and place each item, encourage them to say its number name (one, two, etc.). Older children may fill all three lines, while younger ones may only complete the first or second. Once finished, have students count all of the items on their sheets.


christmas math and literacy activities

Print these cards out on cardstock (laminate for heavy use). Provide Unifix Cubes or another small manipulative for children to measure (non-standard) the length of the items. Be sure to discuss which are longer, shorter, and the same size.


christmas math and literacy activities

Print these cards out on cardstock (laminate for heavy use). Students will say the name of each picture and find and cover its rhyming partner. Supply pom poms, gumdrops, mini erasers or some other manipulative for children to use as markers.


Christmas Goodies – Classification – Prompt students to study the pictures and determine which items are toys and which are yummy treats. Children can then cut, sort, and glue the pictures onto their appropriate spaces.

Christmas Mouse – Color by Numbers – Instruct children to color the numbered parts of the mouse with their corresponding colors.

‘Tis the Season – Length and Height – Young learners will color the longer pictures and the taller pictures.

Candy Cane Counting – Students will count the candy canes in each row and write the number.

Holiday Association – Children will study the groups of pictures and cross out the ones that do not belong. Discuss the different attributes of the items and why they do or don’t belong together.

Candy Clap and Count – Segmenting Syllables – Students will name each picture and clap and count each word part. They will then color in the appropriate amount of candies.

All Things Christmas – Visual Discrimination – Young learners will study the rows of pictures and cross out or color the one that is different from the rest. Depending on the child’s ability, a sheet of paper may be used to cover the other pictures as he/she works one row at a time.

How to Decorate a Gingerbread Cookie – Sequencing – Children will cut out the pictures and work to put them order. Once the pictures are properly sequenced, they may be glued and colored. Depending on the child’s ability, only three cards may be used.

The Sounds of Christmas – Beginning Sounds – Encourage children to sound out the pictures, and to color them using the provided code.

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Room on the Broom Craft

room on the broom craft

Let’s make some truly magnificent broomsticks! This extension activity for the delightful book Room on the Broom is all kinds of fun. Paired with the story, this craft helps children to practice rhyming (phonemic awareness), rhythm and repetition, pro-social behavior, creative expression, and fine motor skills.

room on the broom craft

This exciting book is written by Julia Donaldson, and is brought to life by the colorful and extremely beautiful illustrations of Axel Scheffler. This is the same bestselling, award-winning team who created The Gruffalo.

Room on the Broom tells the story of a friendly witch and a remarkable journey on her broomstick. From the start, the weather conditions are against her; the witch loses her belongings (hat, bow, and wand). She meets a cast of helpful characters along the way and offers them all a ride on her broomstick. Together they are able to overcome adversity. The friends not only find the witch’s missing possessions, they also escape a hungry dragon!

room on the broom craft

Materials Used:

– Paper towel rolls
Brown tempera paint
– Paper bags
– Twine
– Scissors
– Glue
Star stickers
– Glitter
Small acrylic craft jewels

Have children paint their paper towel rolls and sprinkle them with glitter while they’re still wet. Once the rolls are dry, little ones can decorate their broomsticks with stickers and jewels, and any other items provided. Give each child a strip of paper bag and have them fringe cut the edges. They can glue their fringe on their sticks and you can help them wrap and tie the twine around it. A crumpled ball of paper can then be glued into the front of the broom, and voila! Behold some truly magnificent brooms!

room on the broom broomstick craft


Scarecrow Circle Time Activity

scarecrow circle time activity

Every fall I like to do a theme on scarecrows. There are so many great books, songs, poems and art projects that can be utilized. My students especially enjoy making paper plate scarecrows and shape crows. They glue them onto jumbo craft sticks, and they’ve got the perfect hand props for our Sammy the Scarecrow circle time activity!

The children hold their props while I recite the action poem and demonstrate the appropriate motions. After reciting the poem a few times the children enthusiastically join in. If the children wish, they can take turns being scarecrows and crows.


Sammy the Scarecrow is my name
On the farm I’ve gained some fame

Standing high on a stick (raise scarecrows)
Scaring crows is my trick

When they fly and caw (move crows about)
I wave my arms of straw

Then I loudly shout
Hey you crows, GET OUT (children who are crows leave the circle)

I often repeat this activity throughout the fall months. It’s always a hit and it helps to strengthen listening, memory, and recall skills. It also develops phonemic awareness.


– Small paper plates
– Felt
– Construction Paper
– Buttons
– A variety of decorative items
– Crayons or markers
– Googly eyes
– Straw or raffia
– Feathers
– Jumbo craft sticks
– Scissors
– Glue
Our free scarecrow hat pattern
Our free shape crow pattern
Sammy the Scarecrow poem


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